Our Journey

Since its establishment, Calroc Industries has evolved into a leading supplier of new, used, and reconditioned oilfield production equipment in Canada. Our influence extends beyond the Canadian border into the United States and other global territories, serving a multitude of oil and gas companies with our superior equipment offerings.

We are dedicated to offering high-quality, cost-effective equipment solutions to our clients, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. Our ethos is built on fostering long-term relationships grounded in trust, transparency, and unmatched customer service. This unwavering commitment to excellence and affordability has been the bedrock of our success.


Automated Tank Manufacturing

For those with specialized needs, our Automated Tank Manufacturing facility stands ready to deliver. With the capacity to produce multiple custom-tailored tanks daily, we ensure your exact specifications are met, every time.


Tanks Remanufactured daily


Tanks Remanufactured

ATM Acquisition

In a strategic move to bolster our service capacity, Calroc acquired the Automated Tank Manufacturing (ATM) fabrication facility located in Kitscoty, AB. This acquisition empowers us with in-house refurbishing capabilities for hundreds of tanks, further solidifying our position in the industry.

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Take a closer look at our tank division’s capability in manufacturing and transporting tanks of various capacities, ensuring they’re ready whenever you need them. Journey through our pump jack division in Medicine Hat, where a dedicated team refurbishes used equipment, boasting a large inventory of parts for a range of brands and sizes. Our demolition department is all set to clean up and prepare sites, with a focus on recycling and reconditioning to save costs and promote sustainability.

Calroc’s trucking division highlights smooth coordination in building and hauling tanks as per customer timelines, with extensive operations across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and parts of British Columbia. Our specialized employees are a crucial part of our operations, ensuring customer satisfaction with every project handled.

With a forward-thinking approach, Calroc Industries takes on large projects, makes significant acquisitions, and embraces challenges – showcasing our growth and unique stance in the industry. Our main goal remains clear: helping oil producers achieve their operational goals at the lowest possible cost.