Brand new 40ft Standard Rig Mats are now in stock at all our Alberta locations, including Edmonton, Llodyminster and Medicine Hat.  They are ready for easy pickup from our Alberta equipment yards or for immediate delivery!  Our Rig Mats are made in Alberta using all new materials with above industry welds (look at the pictures below) and are stronger than any of our major Rig Mat competitors in Alberta.  We can ship these Rig Mats anywhere you need them including Saskatchewan, Alberta and even to the US.  We will gladly include shipping on a quote.  Please call 1-855-5CALROC (225762) or use our contacts page to place an order today!

Calroc Rig Mats are a field proven design that has gained a reputation as one of the most durable and reliable mats in the industry.  These mats have been deployed throughout Western Canada in some of the harshest Canadian environments and are able stand up to the elements year after year.  Built using all new materials and with smart design features like flush mounted lift hooks that will not get stuck or frozen in ice and mud, it’s no wonder these mats are the preferred choice of industry professionals that demand the very best.

  • 8′ x 40′ x 6″
  • 3 Beam steel
  • Boxed in sides
  • New 5″ schedule 80 pipe
  • Shackles with flush mount design
  • Above industry standard welds, with welds every 4 inches from top to bottom alternate

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Protecting the environment and wildlife isn’t just a requirement, it’s the goal of all companies that are committed to operating in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.  Our rig mats allow your company to fulfill these obligations by protecting sensitive areas like farm and grazing fields, wildlife zones and habitats.  At the same time, they will ensure that your operation stays open and accessible year round under all types of weather conditions.  When your operation does come to a close, you will be able to keep your reclamation costs low because our rig mats will ensure that you’ve caused zero-disturbance to the environment.

All of our rig mats provide a stable, safer work surface for people working in various industries including oil and gas, construction, public works, special events, aviation and even disaster relief situations.  Calroc rig mats have been used as temporary roadways, helipads, base camp ground cover, working platforms and in many other applications that require a safe, stable surface for heavy vehicles and equipment.  By quickly deploying a platform that allows for equal weight distribution, our rig mats allow for fast and safe rig ups and easy tear downs.  Calroc rig mats are also an excellent way to prevent damage to the local environment while reducing overall reclamation costs.


Model:  40′ Standard Rig Mat

Dimensions:  8’ x 40’ x 6”

Weight:  7,200 lbs / rig mat

Frame Design Construction:  3 Beam Steel, Boxed in Sides

Lumber Specifications:  Pine or Spruce (regular or pressure treated wood)

Steel Specifications:  6w15

Pipe Specifications:  New 5″ Schedule 80 pipe

Weld Specifications:

CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Certified Welds
Above industry standard welds, with welds every 4 inches from top to bottom alternate

Lift Hooks:  Shackles with flush mount design

Inventory Management:  Serial # Identification Plates (optional), RFID options also available

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