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After decades of no change in the way oil production tanks were manufactured, change has arrived! Traditional tanks were designed for spout loading and required storage above the height of the trucks to allow for gravity to run its course. As time went on and environmental concerns were being voiced about all the mess due to spout loading, pumping the fluid on became the solution. As tanks were always built vertical they just continued to be built that way….until now! JTL Industries has designed a new style of tank. The “VIRO” is revolutionizing the way on-lease oil is stored. Our “Viro” tank is built horizontally which provides several benefits over vertical tanks. The “Viro” is actually two tanks combined. As the fluid level rises in the production tank , oil will spill over into the sales tank. If more separation is required, operators can add a second “Viro” on location which will provide 2 more knock out stages. This allows even more retention time for water and solids to drop out and ultimately cleaner oil leaving location. Furthermore, having the oil stored in a separate compartments allows you to add chemical at any point in the process which allows you more opporutinty to optimize your chemical injection and drive your costs down further.

  • Quantity 20
  • Reconditioned 800 BBL Viro Tanks
  • Smaller Environmental footprints
  • No more Cluttered skyline
  • Completely self-contained
  • No more leaky rubber liner issues
  • Easy access valve vaults  off platform
  • Valve vault is complete with drip tray
  • No More climbing over containment to access valves

Sand removal from the VIRO tank is going to be another bonus. In traditional tanks, operators have to deal with sand removal off of a flat floor. This cleanout procedure can be a very costly and time consuming part of production. Because the “Viro” is built horizontally, the contour of the bottom of the tank is such that clean out is much easier and faster. Two wash lines will carry a lot of the sand towards and out of the Sting valve.

The “Viro” also comes complete with its own containment which meets or exceeds government guidelines. No more worrying about setting up containment on your lease. The “Viro” has it covered. With this plug and play setup proving a well becomes a snap. If the well is a producer, leave the tank without worrying about containment. If it doesn’t produce, simply move the unit to the next lease and you are ready to go. No more costly and time consuming setups and breakdowns.

JTL Industries is also proud to introduce our new Safe Heat firetube system. The system uses a u-tube encased in its own chamber with thermal oil protecting it from the potentially corrosive product in the tank. This limits the chances of a firetube-caused explosion. Fluids can be trucked from tank without worry of having to shut down the burner. The firetube is always protected by clean thermal oil, eliminating firetube failures caused by sand build-up or hotspots.

In the Viro tank, coupled with the Safe Heat system, the produced fluids are never more than 6’ away from the heat source. Each Safe Heat system has more than two times the surface area of a conventional 10” firetube. This eliminates the need for explosively high tube temperatures in direct contact with the produced fluid. The heat system is protected by low-level and high-temperature shut-downs and the produced fluid is also protected by a high temperature shutdown, making it one of the safest firetube heating systems on the market today. The Safe Heat system is design to accommodate a variety of burner systems available on the market today.

The “Viro” comes on its own skid base making it very mobile. Tank trailers are no longer required to move your tanks. One drop deck trailer and one pilot vehicle allows for transport into most locations. In dealing with some land owners there has been more and more concern about oil tanks cluttering up the landscape. The “Viro” tank is a low-profile tank. Rather than tanks sticking up 32’ into the air the “Viro” will only be 13.5’. That is going to make land owners happy and addresses safety concerns of workers climbing tradition tanks. The Viro is currently available in 400, 800, and 1200 barrel configurations.

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