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This Ariel RG357M Rotary Screw Compressor was built in 2007 and is in great working condition.  It can be viewed in our Medicine Hat, Alberta yard.  We are accepting offers so do not hesitate to submit your best offer! Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions.

Ariel RG357M Rotary Screw Compressor

  • Wide Efficiency Range – A new Ariel 4/6 lobe rotor profile is designed specifically for natural gas service and provides a wide, high-efficiency operating range.
  • Integral Gearbox – The RG282M and RG357M incorporate an integral gearbox to match current and future needs with a gear ratio change. The seven available gear ratios enable optimum matching of available gas engine drivers with compressor flow and efficiency.
  • Variable Vi – Since operating conditions always change, the Vi (internal compression ratio) is continuously adjustable from 2.5 to 5.0 while the unit is running. Manual handwheel or hydraulic actuators are available.
  • Capacity Control – Inlet flow can be continuously adjusted while the unit is running from 100% to 30% of full load capacity. Manual handwheel or hydraulic actuators are available.
  • Flexibility – Independently controlled Vi and inlet flow allow optimum compressor performance at full- and partial-load operating conditions.
  • Long Bearing Life – Hydrodynamic radial bearings and thrust-balanced angular contact ball bearings are standard. The thrust from the helical cut drive gears acts opposite the rotor thrust to reduce axial bearing loads.
  • Long Seal Life – A pressure-balanced, spring-loaded carbon seal is installed on low-speed input shaft.
  • Designed for Packaging – The optional SAE bell house mounting with integral gear design enables a common skid for a wide range of compressor flows. This feature also minimizes the time required to align the engine and compressor. Top suction and side discharge connections result in low input shaft height and simplified piping arrangement.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Ample maintenance access is provided to permit changing the seal element without disturbing the compressor or engine connections.
  • Oil Pump – To ensure adequate oil pressure to the bearings, mechanical seal, Vi and capacity controls, a female rotor-driven oil pump is standard on the RG282M and RG357M.
  • Integrated Oil System – A complete single attachment point oil system, including filters and control valves, is available as a factory installed option.
  • Dedicated Manufacturing Facility – Ariel rotary screw compressors are manufactured at a dedicated facility specifically equipped to machine, assemble, and test rotary compressors.
  • Production Unit Performance Testing – Each rotary screw compressor is performance tested on air to measure the unit’s capacity and power consumption.

Male Rotor Diameter

L/D Ratio

Capacity, CFM
1,940 to 5,200
Capacity, m3/hr
3,296 to 8,835

Maximum Input Speed:
1,800 rpm

Gear Ratios:
1.0, 1.35, 1.57, 1.76
2.04, 2.31, 2.65

Rotor Operating Speed:
1,200 to 4,050 rpm

Rated Power, bhp
Rated Power, kW

Maximum Allowable Discharge Pressure, psig
Maximum Allowable Discharge Pressure, barg

Suction Pressure Range, psia* Suction Pressure Range, bara*
3 to 65
Suction Pressure Range, bara*
0.21 to 4.48
* For extended suction pressures, please contact Ariel.

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