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This Ariel JGR-4 Reciprocating Compressor Package is driven by a continuous duty in-line six cylinder Waukesha F2895GSI Natural Gas Engine with 2894 cu/in displacement and 8.5” Piston Bore by 8.5” Stroke. This engine is capable of up to 477HP at 1200 RPM. The Ariel compressor system is a JGR-4 with an 11.5” cylinder bore with a 4-1/4” Stroke. This package was taken out of service in GOOD RUNNING ORDER.

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Compressor Make:
Compressor Model
Service Type Sweet
Driver Make
Driver Model
F2895GSI Natural Gas Engine
Bore & Stroke 8.5″ x 8.5″
Skidded Yes
Operational Status Running

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Ariel JGK-4 Reciprocating Compressor General Overview

The JGR is a medium-sized separable reciprocating compressor. Well suited for gas gathering on moderate size wells, the JGR is packager-friendly, pairing easily with electric motors and natural gas engines.

Features and Benefits

Full Pressure Lubrication: A frame-driven lube oil pump provides cooled oil through a full-flow oil filter to all moving parts in the frame. A divider-block system supplies metered oil to cylinder bores and rod packings.

High-Strength Bolting: Durable Grade 8 bolting on all loaded joints combined with specially designed fatigue-fighting bolts on all valve caps ensure ultimate holding strength.

Rigid Connecting Rods: The JGE/JGK/JGT compressors feature durable connecting rods manufactured from forged steel with 4 bolts and a heavy-duty “I” section.

Rugged Crossheads: One-piece, long-life crossheads with hardened, ground steel crosshead pins and direct, full-pressure lubrication at the top and bottom for minimum wear.

Innovative Cylinders: Ariel’s single and double-acting non-cooled cylinders eliminate the cost and maintenance associated with water cooling.

Durable Pistons and Rods: JGE/JGK/JGT compressors feature wear-resistant ductile or gray iron pistons and precision-ground alloy steel piston rods with locking crosshead nuts. Rolled threads are 1/4” under rod diameter for easy installation.

Precision Bearing Shells: Every Ariel compressor features precision-machined tri-metal main and connecting rod bearings.

Versatile Unloading Devices: Ariel offers manual, head-end variable volume clearance pockets on most cylinders. Pneumatic suction valve un-loaders are available on a limited basis.

Efficient Valving: Plate-type valves are designed for modern speeds, utilizing non-metallic sealing elements as standard. Valves are selected to comply with established low-valve velocity standards.

Heavy-Duty Crankshafts: JGE/JGK/JGT compressors feature forged steel, precision-machined crankshafts with integral counter-weights manufactured by Ariel Corporation.

High-Efficiency Spin-on Oil Filters: Ariel JGE/JGK/JGT compressors feature high-efficiency non-bypassing spin-on oil filters rated at 5 micron nominal and 17 micron absolute.

Rugged Crankcases: Ariel crankcases are designed for long service life and ease of access during maintenance. Our crankcases feature a heavily-ribbed, high-strength cast iron base with a removable lightweight aluminum top cover.

Waukesha F2895GSI Natural Gas Engine Overview

Waukesha Engine manufactures spark ignited gaseous fueled engines and Enginator® systems for gas compression, electric power generation, cogeneration and mechanical drive applications — ranging in output from 100 to 4800 bhp (75-3250 kWe).

Waukesha Engine’s many years of experience have shown that natural gas engines can power or drive just about anything. Waukesha offers a full line of heavy-duty, gaseous-fueled engines that can be put to work in a variety of markets including gas compression, electric power generation, cogeneration, and general mechanical drive applications (pumps, air compressors, chillers, blowers).

With decades of experience in engine technology together with excellent engineering skills, Waukesha has found cost-effective solutions for many customer needs. Customers recognize that Waukesha engines can power all types of equipment and do it more cost effectively.

Waukesha manufactures engines in the United States (Waukesha, Wisconsin) and in Europe (Appingedam, The Netherlands).Both manufacturing facilities are certified by the world’s leading registrar, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LQRA), to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

Waukesha distributors are on call 24 hours a day, with the parts and service personnel to provide quick responsive solutions to customers’ needs. Waukesha Engine has found solutions to almost any customer concern and need.

Our innovative product design improvements keep pace with customers’ ever increasing standards. From demands for higher loads and speeds, to simple, long-term reliability, Waukesha understands those needs and continues to design, build, and service the best engines in the marketplace.

Ariel JGK-4 Reciprocating Compressor Specifications

Year Built
Number of Throws
4.25 in
Maximum RPM 1,200
Piston Speed
850 fpm
Rated Power 860 bhp
Total Rod Load
32,000 lbs
Tension 16,000 lbs
20, 000 lbs
Average Weight without Cylinders 3400 lbs
Maximum Length (inch)
Nominal Width (inch) 104
Crankshaft Centerline, from bottom (inch)
Crosshead Ductile Iron
Crosshead Bushing

Waukesha F2895GSI Natural Gas Engine Specifications

Model F2895GSI, Four Cycle, Overhead Valve
Inline 6
Piston Displacement
 2894 cu. in. (47 L)
Bore & Stroke
8.5″ x 8.5″
Jacket Water Capacity
52.5 gal. (199 L)
Starting System
24 V Electric
Fuel LHV
900 Btu/ft3 (33.5 J/cm3)
Lube Oil Capacity
66 gal. (250 L)

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