This Corlac 1000 bbl Dual Firetube Treater Tank for $44,000 can be viewed in our Lloydminster, Alberta yard. Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions.

Corlac 1000 bbl Dual Firetube Treater Tank

Manufacturer: Corlac Industries Ltd., Lloydminster, Alberta

Date Built: 06 / 2007

Serial #: 12046-5

Nominal Diameter: 15’3″

Nominal Height: 32′

Capacity: 1000 bbl

Shell Thickness Course 1: 1/4

Shell Thickness Course 2: 3/16

Shell Thickness Course 3: 3/16

Shell Thickness Course 4: 3/16

Floor Thickness: 1/4

Roof Thickness: 3/16

Design Pressure: 8 oz

Design Specific Gravity: 1.0

Maximum Operating Temperature: 93 C

Design Code:  Modified API 12F Design

Design Liquid Level: 32’0″

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