We manufacture these Frac Water Tanks to the highest standards and build them right here in Canada out of our Medicine Hat, Alberta facility.  We’ve deployed and set up a number of our tanks for clients with oil plays in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, North Dakota, Texas and in many other places including various sites throughout the Duvernay and Bakken formations.  We can custom make one for you in sizes ranging from 4400bbl – 57000bbl  and deploy and set it up anywhere you need it. Our bolted connections between panels ensure secure storage versus competitors that use cheaper pin type connectors that are unreliable.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to find a solution that fits your needs!  We also offer buy, rent or lease options!  Please call 1-855-5CALROC (225762), use the quick contacts at the bottom of the page or use our contacts page if you have any questions.

Calroc is a leading provider of integrated frac water management solutions and services for the oil and gas industry in Alberta and increasingly throughout Canada and the US. Our Frac Water Tanks are a superior product that had been engineered to be the most robust, reliable and safest designs in the industry. With 9 different sizes available – ranging from 4400bbl – 57000bbl (250,000 to 2.4 million gallons), we have a tank solution to fit into any operation.

Calroc’s Frac Water Tanks offer a more efficient way of storing water by providing the best alternative to dozens of small water storage units or conventional tank farms. Calroc’s large volume water storage system and well flow back storage is a cost effective single tank solution that can all be transported and implemented to your oil and gas site within two days.

We are also setting ourselves apart from the competition by offering purchase, rent and lease to own options in addition to other unique options of full service or do-it-yourself assembly.

Calroc’s Frac Water Tanks are the perfect solution for all of your large volume water and well flow back storage needs!


  • Size range from 4,400 – 57,000 bbl (180,000 – 2,400,000 USG)
  • Engineered design, fully compliant with API-650-98
  • Fabricated in a wholly owned & operated 55,000 ft2 facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta complete with full traceability & QA/QC
  • Panel design with bolted connections for secure storage
  • Designed for easy assembly, mob, de-mob & transport
  • Replaces pit construction & reclamation or multiple smaller tanks
  • Greatly simplifies manifold installation & water management compared to small tank batteries
  • Low Density Polyethylene Liner (LDPE) provides inexpensive, corrosion resistant & easily inspected interior
  • Tanks can be rented or purchased

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  • Panel design with bolted connections for secure storage
  • 51 – 185 Ft. diameter excluding accessories
  • 2 standard panel lengths of 27 ft. & 38 ft 9 in. X 12 ft. high
  • Panel supports provide safe installation during windy conditions
  • Proprietary conductive bucket style liners built to tank size can be electronically inspected in place & after installation for damage
  • Proprietary insulated floating wind resistant cover:
  • Reduces vaporization losses & organic growth by 98% (BH-1500)
  • Protects liner from operational damage
  • Protects birds & animals from contacting stored fluid
  • Specialized manifolds for high volume truck loading


  • Designed for easy assembly, mob, de-mob & transport
  • Panel design allows for transport without pilot vehicles in many states & provinces
  • Liner retention clips quickly installed & removed


  • Well equipped & experienced crew of 5 plus crane can install base design 1.5 mm USG tank in 6-10 hours after site prep
  • Site prep very important: level, compacted, textile base & 30 ft work perimeter
  • 45 ton crane, articulated picker, scissor lift, skid steer required
  • Removal & tank loading can be quicker
  • Strong wind conditions can limit liner installation


  • Minimal transportation logistics required as entire tank can be moved on a single, standard size semi-truck (max of 3 trucks for larger models)
  • One working day set up time allows for immediate implementation
  • Detailed “Procedure Manual” provided for correct preparation and installation
  • On site supervision and training available from qualified Calroc professionals
  • “Completion Check-List” provided for additional safety and security


  • Minimal environmental impact by replacing traditional earth ponds
  • Minimal site preparation and remediation
  • Storage tanks are insulated against elements to protect against freezing
  • Tanks can be netted to ensure safety for wildlife


  • Calroc has a 110,000 square foot modern and well-equipped fabrication facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta to meet the needs of our tank clients
  • Provide custom structural steel fabrication – key services: custom bending, shearing, and welding
  • Facility equipped with state-of-the-art paint booth for customized industrial coating and finishing and state-of-the-art sand blasting booth using a variety of blast media
  • CWB approved and Boilers Branch approval pending with CWB approved welders and pressure welders on staff
  • Committed to quality work and client satisfaction


  • Each engineered panel is “Serialized” providing guaranteed traceability
  • 2-inch rigid insulation equals R13 factor
  • Each panel is completely Rhino-coated
  • Simple bolt connector system
  • Form fitting one-piece “Bucket Style Liner” designed for individual tank sizes
  • “Conductive Liners” allow for pre-fill holiday testing
  • Unique, safe, economical and reusable “Insulated Tank Cover” system (R5 factor)
  • Floating tank cover dramatically reduces heating costs and evaporation rates
  • Minimal environmental impact by replacing traditional earth ponds
  • Minimal site preparation and simple remediation
  • Option of full service or do-it-yourself assembly
  • Quality control, safety in design and environmental protection
  • 5,950 – 57,000 BBL Tank Capacity eliminates the need for dozens of smaller containers
  • Water management systems for oil & gas and other industries can be implemented into any operation site


  • Offering a range of options including tank purchase, lease-to-own, and rentals


Model 180:  4,400 BBL or 708 M3
Model 250:  6,000 BBL or 965 M3
Model 500 12,300 BBL or 1,968 M3
Model 750 17,800 BBL or 2,839 M3
Model 1000 23,800 BBL or 3,785 M3
Model 1250 29,700 BBL or 4,732 M3
Model 1500 35,700 BBL or 5,678 M3
Model 1800 42,800 BBL or 6,813 M3
Model 2100 50,000 BBL or 7,949 M3
Model 2400 57,000 BBL or 9,085 M3

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