Kudu Whisper Power Unit with Daewoo D1146T Turbocharged Engine

The Kudu Whisper Power Unit is a portable, fully enclosed, sound attenuated (63db@ 7m) unit that is designed for easy serviceability.  The unit allows air circulation for temperature control in the summer.  The whisper is a fully controlled system including total fluid containment of all hydraulic and engine fluids.  All structural steel is zinc treated and powder coated.


Manufacturer: Daewoo

Model:  D1146T

Displacement:  8.1 L

Engine Power:  150 HP

Electrical Power:
103 KW
129 KVA

Aspiration:  Turbocharged

Operating Speed:  1800 RPM

Max Elevation:  AS PER ISO 3046

Footprint:  14′ x 4′

Battery Cold Cranking Amps:  750 CCA

Fuel Tank:   375 GAL

Optional Engine Oil Sump Volume:  33 GAL

Engine System Voltage (V):  24

Recommended Engine Oil:  76 Guardol QLT 15W-40

Recommended Coolant:  50/50 Mixture of low silicate, ethylene glycol heavy duty anti-freeze with water

Generator Power (kW):  103

Generator Efficiency:  92.5%

Operating Voltage:  480

Operating Amperage:  124

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