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This NOVADOS H6 Metering Pump & Tank Package was built in 2014 by SPX Flow Technology Norderstedt GmbH, Bran+Luebbe for a cancelled project. The unit is BRAND NEW and was never used.

This package can be viewed in our Lloydminster Alberta storage yard.  Please call 1-855-5CALROC (225762) or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.


• (2) 2200 L Double walled tank, 50 ID x 72 Long, 7 Kpa max op. pressure (Clemmer)
• (2) 3050 L Double walled tank, 50 ID x 98.5 Long, 7 Kpa max op. pressure (Clemmer)
• ASTM A36 / 36M construction, ULC S601 double wall standard
• Each tank includes two sight level gauges with isolation valves
• Support stand built with structural HSS tubing and wide flange beam
• (CWB Certified welding)

• 12-0 wide x 25-0 long x 13-0 low eave, 14-0 high eave, shed style roof with a 1:12 slope
• 22 gauge pre-painted exterior walls, roof and trim (Warwick standard stock colors)
• R-12 fibre glass batt insulation in the walls and R-20 in roof with a 6-mil vapor barrier throughout
• 24 gauge white fluted aluminum interior liner
• (2) 6 x 7 double steel man door (16 ga frame, 18 ga door, R12 insulated) c/w 88TP locking panic hardware, hydraulic door closure, IWG window in both leafs, kick plates, aluminum
threshold, check chain, weather-stripping and canopy
• (3) 12 x 12 stamped louvers c/w interior sliders and (1) 36 x 36 Sliding Window
• (1) 12 explosion proof exhaust fan c/w hood, 120/1/60 (based on 12 ACPH)
• (1) Ruffneck FX5 electric heater

• 12 x 25 skid, 12 wide flange construction, checker plate floor, lifting lugs, and high density foam insulation applied to bottom of skid (CWB Certified welding)
• P. Eng stamped design (BC Registered)

• Sandblast to SSPC SP-6 Spec
• 1 Coat of Tan Cloverdale DTM Paint

Pump System & Piping:
• 1 SS Autoclave tubing, valves, and fittings will be supplied by others for P-111 pump discharge
• 1/2 316SS Swagelok tube fittings with twin ferrule valves will be used for P-113 pump discharge
• Techlok fittings will be supplied by Ultrafab
• Flexible hose will be used on the pump suction lines, 316SS inner bellows with 304SS outer braid
• (3) 1 x 1 NPT 316SS Farris PSVs for pump recycle bypass
• (3) Pressure Switches – 1/2″ NPT, Electric, 3000psi MAWP (CCS
• 6900GZE22)

• Building Area Classification – Class 1, Div 2 as per Canadian Electrical Code
• Low voltage installation will be done using aluminum conduit and (1)
• Hammond junction box Brands used are Crouse-Hinds, Hoffman, Meyers, and Weidmuller
• a. (4) Crouse-Hind On/Off switches, one for each pump and one for the heater.
• b. (1) Det-Tronics MIR flame detector with Carbon Controls beacon.
• c. (1) Carbon Controls ESD mushroom push button w/ safety shroud
• d. (1) Exhaust fan – 12 x 12, explosion proof

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NOVADOS Metering Pumps General Overview

NOVADOS – A Selection of Metering Pumps Beyond Compare

With NOVADOS metering pumps we offer a wide range for all applications where liquids have to be metered or blended. The product range comprises leak-free diaphragm pumps as well as plunger pumps. Nearly all gear sizes in the NOVADOS series can be combined  for process and metering pumps to achieve the required flow rate and pressure parameters. With various liquid end materials and complemented by a variety of accessories to suit the process.

Common Design Features

  • Range of pumphead sizes to allow a flow range of between smallest 0.4 l/h up to largest 20,000 l/h on a single head
  • Operating pressure up to 1,000 bar
  • Modular metering pump gears with built-in low noise worm gear
  • Individual stroke length setting utilizing the z-shaped crankshaft
  • Manual or automatic flow rate adjustment

The NOVADOS Family comprises leak-free diaphragm pumps as well as plunger pumps. Nearly all gear sizes in the NOVADOS series can be combined to achieve the required flow rate and pressure parameters.


Materials of Construction of Liquid-Wetted Parts

  • Housings of St. Steel 1.4571 or 1.4462
  • Diaphragms of PTFE or stainless steel 1.4310
  • Plungers of stainless steel or ceramic
  • Options: materials such as Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Titanium and other materials

Pump Gear Design

  • Worm gear with different reduction ratios
  • Splash lubrication
  • Stroke lenth adjustment via eccentric (Z-shape) crankshaft

Flow Rate Control

  • Manual, electrical, pneumatical or speed variation


  • Electric motor with fixed or variable speed
  • Other drives on request

Installation and Operating Conditions*

  • Hazardous area: up to Zone 1 IIC T4 (Zone 22 upon request)
  • Ambient temperature range: from -40 °C up to +50 °C (special solutions upon request)
  • Fluid temperature range: from -40 °C up to +150 °C (special solutions upon request)

*These are limit values, please state actual conditions with inquiry. frame-driven lube oil pump provides cooled oil through a full-flow oil filter to all moving parts in the frame. A divider-block system supplies metered oil to cylinder bores and rod packings.


  • Hermetically sealed pump design
  • Optimal capacity adaptation to widely varying production processes
  • Variable stroke length for each pump allows independent flow rate adjustment of each pump component
  • Variable speed drive allows flow rate variations while maintaining
  • Automation allows higher production efficiency to be achieved
  • Existing installations can be altered or expanded with extra pumps or automatic control

NOVADOS H6 Metering Pump Specifications

SPX Bran+Luebbe
Year Built
Serial Number
Operating Pressure
99.3 bar g
Capacity Maximum 1900 l/h
Stroke Frequency
187 1/min
Relief Valve Set Pressure 114 bar g/int
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
149 bar g
Operating Temperature 0 … 32 °C
Hydraulic Oil
Gear Oil ISO VG 100
850 kg

Baldor Reliance Super-E Severe Duty 841XL 75 HP Electric Motor Specifications

841 XL
460 V
Phases 3
1326 lbs

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