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Surplus Skud Inclined FWKO

The SKUD, an innovative free water knockout technology developed by Corlac (now Foremost), is field proven to provide superior free water separation at a fraction of the capital cost of conventional vessels.

Consider the SKUD advantage:

  • Increase existing treating capacity 30% – 300% (+)
  • Emulsion processing capacity to 11,400 m3 (72,000 bbl) per day
  • Substantially improve water qualities to a typical 150 ppm
  • Effective separate gas, solds and H2S upstream of facilities
  • 1/4 to 1/2 the capital cost of conventional Free Water Knock Outs
  • Reduce operating costs by reducing chemical usage
  • Reduce gas sweetening costs as H2S remains in the water phase
  • Field tested and proven successful form light to heavy oil* Dependent on individual application

SKUD Applications:

  • Increasing capacity of treating facilities
  • Optimization of waterfloods
  • Construction of low cost facilities
  • Consolidation of core areas
  • Dewatering production at satellites
  • Processing 3rd party emulsion to generate a new revenue stream

The patented SKUD™ Inclined Free Water Knock Out (IFWKO) is the most significant development in gravity based oil-water separartion technology in 50 years.

Foremost has pioneered the identification and development of completely new niche markets for water handling equipment. As your oilfield matures and the water cut increases, optimize field return through installation of SKUD technology in the following three applications:

  • At a satellite or well pad for direct-to-injection water disposal – no tanks
  • In front of an existing conventional FWKO at a battery or CPF that is at or beyond capacity
  • As an inlet slug catcher (oil and gas applications) at a battery, CPF, or satellite

The SKUD has been successfully used in applications from 8 – 40 API, across a wide range of process temperatures, and with water cuts from 50 – 90%.

The SKUD™ is able to outperform conventional FWKOs. The SKUD™ will process the same volume of water as a conventional FWKO, at the same water quality, with a fraction of the retention time. This equates to a smaller, more cost effective process solution.

MAWP: 320 psi at 212°F (2206 kPa at 100°C)

MDMT: -20°F at 320 psi (-29°C at 2206 kPa)

CRN: L6763.231

Shell Thickness: .500

Head Thickness: .625

Diameter: 36″0D


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