These 8′ x 14′ traditional wooden swamp mats offer superior build quality and value.  Transport to your site available!  We are accepting offers so do not hesitate to submit your best offer!  Please call 1-855-5CALROC (225762) or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.

Swamp Mats

  • Easy Installation
  • Low Cost Ground Control
  • Replaceable 10in Finger Overlaps
  • Quality Wood and Construction


  • Access Roads
  • Drilling Rig Sites & Pads
  • Pipeline Construction
  • SPMT Transport
  • Laydown Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • More!

Size: 8′ x 14′

Load Capacity: 22,000 lbs

Weight: 1600 lbs

Thickness: 5 inches

Transport: 48 Mats per Super-B

Grade 2 or Better Wood:
24x Stronger

Rounded, Countersunk Carriage Bolts:
Longer Life and Smooth Surface

Dimensional Lumber for Tight Connections





Wood, Grade 2+

2in x 8in x 14ft 2in x 8in x 8ft


Bolted Connections

Bolt, Washer, Lock, Nut Cntrsnk


Wood. Grade 2+

10in Replacable Fingers

Need more information? Ready to place an order?
Please call 1-855-5CALROC (225762), use our contact page or talk to one of our sales experts directly:

Dan Echino
Cell: 403-613-7134

Larry Holman
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