These 8′ x 14′ traditional wooden swamp mats offer superior build quality and value.  Transport to your site available!  We are accepting offers so do not hesitate to submit your best offer!  Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.

Swamp Mats

  • Easy Installation
  • Low Cost Ground Control
  • Replaceable 10in Finger Overlaps
  • Quality Wood and Construction


  • Access Roads
  • Drilling Rig Sites & Pads
  • Pipeline Construction
  • SPMT Transport
  • Laydown Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • More!

Size: 8′ x 14′

Load Capacity: 22,000 lbs

Weight: 1600 lbs

Thickness: 5 inches

Transport: 48 Mats per Super-B

Grade 2 or Better Wood:
24x Stronger

Rounded, Countersunk Carriage Bolts:
Longer Life and Smooth Surface

Dimensional Lumber for Tight Connections





Wood, Grade 2+

2in x 8in x 14ft 2in x 8in x 8ft


Bolted Connections

Bolt, Washer, Lock, Nut Cntrsnk


Wood. Grade 2+

10in Replacable Fingers

Need more information? Ready to place an order?
Please call 403-613-7134, use our contact page or talk to one of our sales experts directly:

Dan Echino
Cell: 403-613-7134

Larry Holman
Cell: 403-852-0966

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