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This Waukesha/Sullair Screw Compressor package is in good used condition. It was built in 2005 and can be purchased for a significant cost saving over a new one. Please call Dan Echino directly at 403-613-7134 for details and pricing.

This package can be viewed in our Lloydminster Alberta storage yard.  Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.

Sullair PDR25X Gas Compressor Overview

Sullair is a leader in supplying process gas solutions to leading OEM packagers worldwide. Sullair process gas compressors are used in various applications such as vapor recovery units, low pressure gas gathering, landfill gas recovery, coal bed methane, wellhead compression, sweet & sour process gas, flash gas, acid gas injection, and gas boosting back to formation. Sullair process gas compressors offer several built-in volume ratios to match pressure ratio requirements, as well as several internal gear ratio options for flexibility and economy. Capacity control is offered on several models via slide valves or spiral valves.



Precision ground asymmetric profile delivers an optimal combination of capacity and power. Rotor speed range: 15 m/s to 50 m/s on male rotor tip.


Several built-in volume ratios offer a range of pressure ratios meeting specific application requirements.


Heavy duty, double-wall cast iron casing provides for structural rigidity, pressure integrity, and low noise.

Drive Adaptor

Available drive adaptors (Flywheel adaptors or base-mounted) offer a convenient means to match up the gas end with the drive unit.


Steel input shaft can be easily adapted/coupled to the driver with a variety of methods – keyed fit, mechanical locking or shrink-fit coupling hub. Drivers used include: natural gas and diesel engines, 1800 rpm, 3600 rpm motors and variable speed drives.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

Constructed from high-temperature metallized carbon with tungsten facing and Viton elastomers, seals provide a superior seal and the highest dependability – meeting the critical standards for process gas applications. These seals are flange mounted for easy maintenance and oil-cooled for long life.


Anti-friction bears are manufactured from all-steel (no plastic or “yellow metal” cages) construction for superior durability. Tapered roller bearings absorb thrust and radial loads; straight while roller bearings handle opposite end radial loads both contributing to the optimal performance of the rotors, even in the harshest conditions.


AGMA Class 11 Gears allow for a variety of internal gear ratios contributing to design optimization and operation economy.

Capacity Controls Options

Capacity controls are an option offered on several models via slide valves (Refrigeration Series) or spiral valves (Process Gas low pressure and high pressure gas ends). These controls allow gases that have been only slightly compressed to bypass back into the suction head. Capacity can be manually adjusted or automatically controlled based on pressure signal down to as low as 10% of full load working capacity (slide value) or 50% of capacity (spiral valve).

Factory Tested

All Process Gas/Refrigeration Gas ends are hydro tested to 1.5 times maximum allowable working pressure and air tested to ensure highest quality/power and capacity performance prior to being shipped.

Waukesha VGF F18Gl Engine Overview

The VGF series of high-speed engines are built with the durability expected from a medium-speed engine. This series of engines is designed for a wide range of stationary, spark-ignited, gaseous fuel applications and has a high power-to-weight ratio operating up to 1800 RPM.The VGF Series simplifies maintenance procedures.

The engine design allows easy access to the oil pump, main bearings and rod bearings―without the need to lower the oil pan. Commonality of parts between VGF models reduces the amount of inventory needed for servicing a fl eet . Standard design features, such as independent heads, simplify maintenance work.

Sullair PDR25X Gas Compressor Specifications

Flow (cfm)*
Pressure (psig)*
Geared/Direct Drive
Capacity Control Valve Option Spiral
Wt (lbs.)
Dim – LxWxH (in.) 50x28x23

Waukesha VGF F18Gl Engine Specifications

Horse Power
310 – 440
Fuel Type
Natural Gas
Displacement 1096 cu in
Compression Ratio
LCR 8.7:1, HCR 11:1
Bore & Stroke 5.98 in x 6.5 in
Lube Oil Capacity
44 gal
Starting System 150 psi max. air/gas 24V DC electric

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