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200 BBL 16 OZ Storage Tank


Available for Purchase: 200BBL 16 OZ Bilton Storage Tank, fabricated in Canada in 2016. Designed to API-12F specifications, it has a 12' diameter, 10' height, and is suitable for a specific gravity of 0.792. Engineered for extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 93°C, it ensures durability in various operational environments. This tank features a maximum capacity of 200 BBL and a 6.89kPa design pressure. Shell, roof, and floor thicknesses are robust, coated with Amerlock 2 primer and Amercoat 450H for superior protection. Ideal for oil and gas storage with efficient space utilization.

Date Posted: November 27, 2023

Equipment ID: 3843

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200 BBL 16 OZ Storage Tank

Manufacturer: Bilton

Year: 2016

Condition: Used

Equipment ID: 3843

Location: Lloydminster, AB

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