MCC Building

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Listing Details
Category Column 2 Value
# of Units Column 2 Value 2
Satus Column 2 Value 3
Type Of Sale Column 2 Value 4
Price Column 2 Value 5
Certification Column 2 Value 6
Make/Manufacturer Column 2 Value 7
Model Column 2 Value 8
Serial # Column 2 Value 9
Service Column 2 Value 10
Condition Column 2 Value 11
Building Details
Width 12′
Lenght 10′
Building Type Motor Control Center
Skidded Yes


Certified Report

Other located at
Equipment Still in Operation No
Does the skid have skirting that needs to be removed No
Equipment still connected to piping No
Equipment still welded down to piles No
Equipment on a gravel pad No
The electrical still connected to the equipment No
Have vessels been cleaned out No
Shiploose items No
Has equipment been preserved? If so, when? yes June ’23
Site Logistics
Equipment accessibility in the yard or work site /5 stars
Access to the work site /5 stars
Any road use agreement to access the site yes or no
Equipment Appearance  
Missing Parts /5 stars
Corrosion /5 stars
Animal Infestation /5 stars
Overall cleanliness of the package /5 stars
any special about this place it here  

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Location– Lloyminster, AB