These 8′ x 20′ rig mats are the best solution available!  It can be viewed at our Medicine Hat, Alberta facility.  Transport to your site available!  We are accepting offers so do not hesitate to submit your best offer!  Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.

150 8’x20′ Rig Mats

All of our rig mats provide a stable, safer work surface for people working in various industries including oil and gas, construction, public works, special events, aviation and even disaster relief situations.  Calroc rig mats have been used as temporary roadways, helipads, base camp ground cover, working platforms and in many other applications that require a safe, stable surface for heavy vehicles and equipment.  By quickly deploying a platform that allows for equal weight distribution, our rig mats allow for fast and safe rig ups and easy tear downs.  Calroc rig mats are also an excellent way to prevent damage to the local environment while reducing overall reclamation costs.

Need more information? Ready to place an order?
Please call 403-613-7134, use our contact page or talk to one of our sales experts directly:

Dan Echino
Cell: 403-613-7134
E-mail: dan@calroc.ca

Larry Holman
Cell: 403-852-0966
E-mail: larry@calroc.ca

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