These 8′ x 20′ interlocking rig mats are the best solution available!  It can be viewed at our Medicine Hat, Alberta facility.  Transport to your site available!  We are accepting offers so do not hesitate to submit your best offer!  Please call 403-613-7134 or use our contacts page if you have any questions, need a quote or are ready to place an order.

Interlocking Rig Mats

Are you locked before you’re loaded? A lot of companies claim to make “interlocking” rig mats that are supposed to increase site safety by reducing the gaps between mats. If you take a closer look at those mats, you’ll have to ask yourself are these mats truly “locking” together or are they just loosely hooking in to one another? We’ve taken a hard look at the competition and all the so called “interlocking” designs out there. Inherit flaws in those designs leave gaps between mats that widen soon after they’re put down and these designs do little to nothing to distribute weight.

Calroc’s Interlocking Rig Mats incorporate our innovative and patented Load Link Technology™ that not only truly locks the mats together but actually distributes weight outward. How much weight? Try 15x what the competition can do. Need to throw on 300 tons? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered for the heaviest of loads. Calroc’s Interlocking Rig Mats will ensure you’re quickly locked and loaded, keeping your workers safe and allowing them to get the job done right.

StrongerISF 300 Rig Mats are up to 15x stronger than our leading competitor’s mats. They have a load capacity of up to 600,000 lbs per mat by distributing weight outward to surrounding mats until the load area matches ground support.

SaferWith the Lock N’ Load Lifting Harness we have no dynamic interaction during installation making our rigmat the only OH&S compliant mat on the market.

FasterBy using our proprietary Lock N’ Load™ Install Harness our ISF 300 Rig Mats can be installed faster and safer than conventional Rig Mats. This will save you both time and money.





  • Access Roads
  • Drilling Rig Sites & Pads
  • Pipeline Construction
  • SPMT Transport
  • Crane Pads & Mining Sites
  • Over-The-Road Transport
  • All Heavy Industrial Applications
  • Helipads
  • More!

Size: 8′ x 20′

Load Capacity: 600,000 lbs (15x the competition)

Weight: 3700 lbs

Thickness: 6 inches

16 Mats per Tri-Axle
23 Mats per Super-B

Power Skid Design:
24x Stronger

Multiple Cross Ribs Coped to Long Beams:
Max torsion resistance

End Beam Coped to Long Beams:
3D Welds Superior shear, strength, & torsion resistance

2 Way Load Transferring Interlocks:
Distributes load outwards until load area matches ground support





W6x15 Steel

Long Beam, 20ft


W6x15 Steel

Cross Beam, 39in


W6x15 Steel

End Beam, 8ft


3” Hook Steel

Interlock 600,000lbs Load Capacity


3/8” Angle Iron

Interlock 600,000lbs Load Capacity


3/4” Steel Bar

20,000 lbs Lifting Lug


6” Douglas/Hem Fir

Wood, Decking

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