Plastic tank in great condition!  Can be used to store produced water, oil, methanol, glycol as well as a variety of other chemicals.  You can call Toll Free: 1-800-993-9958 to check chemical compatibility.  Can also be used as a blowdown tank.  Available for pickup at our Lloydminster, Alberta yard.  We have lots of new and used oil equipment located throughout Alberta that is not listed on our website so please do not hesitate to call us with your equipment needs.  We will be happy to locate whatever you are looking for.  Please call 403-613-7134, use the quick contacts at the bottom of the page or use our contacts page if you have any questions.

105 bbl PlasTank PT105 Storage Tank

PlasTank ™ Storage Systems

PlasTank ™ Storage Systems are unique tanks made from tough polyethylene plastic for the storage of produced water, oil, plus a variety of chemicals. The double-hulled design eliminates ground preparation costs associated with dike, liner or drip pan installations.

Why Plastic?

Significant Cost Savings

Tanks made from plastic are less expensive to produce than tanks made from steel or fibreglass.

The PlasTank ™ construction utilizes the lower thermal conductivity properties of polyethylene to conserve heat within the tank. This, coupled with the still air space created between the primary and secondaty tanks, prevents freezing of liquids with minimal heating and without additional insulation. Extensive testing in frigid Alberta winters has proven that this theory work in the real world.

PlasTank ™ Benefits

  • Less expensive than conventional tanks
  • Minimized footprint on the environment
  • Simple to install
  • Easily coupled to any separator system
  • Light weight, easy to transport
  • Excellent corosion resistance, good for sour service
  • Superior insulating properties

Need more information?  Ready to place an order?
Please call 403-613-7134, use our contact page or talk to one of our sales experts directly:

Dan Echino
Cell: 403-613-7134

Larry Holman
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